Why every product marketer should have a Google Ads budget

What’s unmeasured is unmanaged

  • Demand Generation and Field Marketing team is tracked by number of leads.
  • Analyst Relations, by number of meetings per quarter.
  • PR, by number of media mentions.
  • Content Marketing, by blog pageviews
  • Web Marketing, by traffic
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media by clickthrough rates
  • Category name. What’s the most effective category name? For instance, a decade or two ago, there was a debate around whether to use “Salesforce Automation (SFA)” or “Customer Relationship Management (CRM)”? (The latter won out eventually — but we can’t wait years to figure out optimal messaging.)
  • Messaging pillars. What pillars to use in your message house? “Fast, flexible, secure” or “Budget-friendly, open, compliant”?
  • Aperture. Use a simpler, more concrete hook word like “database” that a prospect will easily understand, or broader term like “platform” that implies greater breadth and higher value?
  • Synonyms. Which nouns works best? For example, “developer” or “coder”? “SRE” or “sysadmin”? “Visual AI” or “Vision AI”? Which adjectives work best? “Cheap”, “inexpensive”, “cost effective” or “efficient”?
  • HIPPO protection. Is an executive’s suggestion an outdated term? For instance, is “next generation” a tired term that won’t convert?
  • Style. Dash, space, or one word? As in “open source”, “open-source”, or “opensource”. Even if each of these have single-digit performance differences, there are enough decisions to make where those single-digit differences can cumulatively become significant.

The Message Lab

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Occasional thoughts on tech, sailing, and San Francisco

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Al Sargent

Al Sargent

Occasional thoughts on tech, sailing, and San Francisco

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