Why every product marketer should have a Google Ads budget

What’s unmeasured is unmanaged

But here’s the rub: while nearly your entire marketing department’s performance is quantified and tracked over time, product marketing’s output is largely unmeasured.

  • Demand Generation and Field Marketing team is tracked by number of leads.
  • Analyst Relations, by number of meetings per quarter.
  • PR, by number of media mentions.
  • Content Marketing, by blog pageviews
  • Web Marketing, by traffic
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media by clickthrough rates
  • Category name. What’s the most effective category name? For instance, a decade or two ago, there was a debate around whether to use “Salesforce Automation (SFA)” or “Customer Relationship Management (CRM)”? (The latter won out eventually — but we can’t wait years to figure out optimal messaging.)
  • Messaging pillars. What pillars to use in your message house? “Fast, flexible, secure” or “Budget-friendly, open, compliant”?
  • Aperture. Use a simpler, more concrete hook word like “database” that a prospect will easily understand, or broader term like “platform” that implies greater breadth and higher value?
  • Synonyms. Which nouns works best? For example, “developer” or “coder”? “SRE” or “sysadmin”? “Visual AI” or “Vision AI”? Which adjectives work best? “Cheap”, “inexpensive”, “cost effective” or “efficient”?
  • HIPPO protection. Is an executive’s suggestion an outdated term? For instance, is “next generation” a tired term that won’t convert?
  • Style. Dash, space, or one word? As in “open source”, “open-source”, or “opensource”. Even if each of these have single-digit performance differences, there are enough decisions to make where those single-digit differences can cumulatively become significant.

The Message Lab

A “message lab” is simply a Google Ads account where product marketers can test out new messages, on their own, without involving the Digital Advertising team. This lets product marketers quickly spin up experiments in the form of multiple Google text ads. Look at the clickthrough rate, and you data indicating which messaging will work best.

Overlap with digital marketing

Now, a digital marketing team might not be thrilled with handing over control over even a small portion of their ad platform to product marketing. They might propose alternatives, such as asking product marketing to submit tickets for various experiments they wish to run.


A Message Lab is an easy way to bring much-needed data on messaging effectiveness, so that product marketing can deliver the best-crafted messages for the rest of the marketing and sales team to use.



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