To succeed in product marketing, do less

Simple (actually simplistic) Answer

Distillation in action

They’ve done alright

The deeper answer

I didn’t mean it literally

Sales Enablement

Never happens
Batman fans will get it

Get data-driven

  • Website visitors: get this from Google Analytics
  • Unqualified leads: all leads gathered from all sources — product trials, content regwalls, events, webinars, etc. Any lead, regardless of lead score.
  • MQLs: Marketo should also have all leads that are scored highly enough to be passed to sales.
  • SQLs: in a CRM like Salesforce.
  1. Product versus blog traffic split. When I was at the SpringSource division of VMware and Pivotal, blog traffic dominated overall site traffic. So that’s where product marketing focused its time. At other companies, the blog was just a tenth of traffic, so it made sense to focus more on getting evergreen content, like product pages.
  2. Traffic quality. At some companies, I’ve seen that YouTube drives a small amount of traffic that is highly engaged. This argues for investing more in our video content.
  3. Investment versus traffic payoff. At one company, I’ve seen that a 5x increase in Twitter followers — via a paid follower campaign — has had zero impact in traffic from This argues for scaling back our efforts on that platform.
  4. Performance versus competition. Use SimilarWeb (or similar services) to track your traffic growth versus that of similarly-sized competitors. If you’re lagging in growth, ask what you can do to improve.

What funnels won’t show

Lead Management

Sales Enablement


Always nice to leave while the sun’s still out




Occasional thoughts on tech, sailing, and San Francisco

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Al Sargent

Al Sargent

Occasional thoughts on tech, sailing, and San Francisco

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