Laser Masters Worlds 2022 Recap

Welcome banner at Vallarta Yacht Club


The format

Me last year, in San Francisco Bay at ILCA North Americans
Puerto Vallarta is a three-hour flight from San Francisco
My division sailed the outer course. It’s complicated but you get used to it.

My performance

The final tally


Me, second from left, winning the boat despite Adonis’ (third from left) trying to close the door.


Me (sail number 158976) leading the fleet into the first mark by the skin of my teeth
Creating optionality.
Lots of camber in the foot.
Me sending it out to the right in the big breeze, per conventional wisdom. I was fourth at the weather mark.
Some major overstands happened; see left side of photo. I might have been one of them!
Peter Hurley (left) tacking right after the leeward mark to get away from Ernesto Rodriguez (center) and Adonis on the final beat.


Reaches were often pretty tight, especially with apparent wind factored in.
Tight course angles on the reach.
Board up for f sake!
Brett Bayer board up when the wind shifts aft on a reach.


Mainsheet out; cunningham, outhaul, vang off, heeled to windward to turn down. Weight too far back?
Broad reaching into the gate, aching to downturn into that juicy wave…
Screengrab of a video where I’m surfing fast. The key is to do this all the time.
Olympian Sarah Douglas, showing how it’s done before a regatta in Europe.
“Dude, where’s the mark?”
Me, far left, rounded the weather mark ahead of second place. I got some work to do on my downwind speed…
… from second to fifth on one downwind leg. Oof.


Naive Americans getting tequila shots in PVR prior to the hard sell by the sales lady, center. Don’t do this.

Heat Management

Get four of these bad boys…
Stock up on big bottles of water. We’d go through one of these a day.
Our water boat, driven by local Laser dad Yann Bourquin.
Guess which one lives in the Middle East, and which one is a San Francisco fog dweller.
Lifesaver for long regattas
Nice long spare mainsheet as a clothesline



Standout equipment
Lower numbers = header, on starboard tack
$10 each…
Still useful in the 21st century… as telltale
Cassette telltale, placed right where the sail starts to bubble in a luff.
Marks for cunningham, outhaul and vang allowed for quick setup at rounding and upwind.
Traveler block down low.
When velcro pulled off, I duct-taped my compass to the deck.
Shredded after three regattas. Thank goodness for duct tape.
Lifespan: about seven years
Work in progress: a hopefully more reliable compass mount


The Iguana Restaurant and Tequila Bar
Some of the offerings at Vallarta Chocolate Factory


Royal Varuna Yacht Club



Occasional thoughts on tech, sailing, and San Francisco

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