How to prepare for carpal tunnel surgery & recovery: a patient's perspective

Me, post op. Best animal crackers I ever had!

How did I get here?

Me, stressing those medial and ulnar nerves

Do online research to generate questions, not for answers

This guy’s video inspired me to write this blog post

Picking a physician

My surgeon

Questions you can ask your doctor

Big things to line up beforehand

Confirming insurance: CPT codes

Confirming insurance: NPI numbers

Confirming insurance: building a paper trail

Confirming insurance: what you actually pay

Insurance coverage questions

Preparing yourself and your home

Pain management

Build a project plan

The fact that this is a best seller means you need to take surgical project management into your own hands

Week before surgery

Day of surgery

Unintentionally morbid message to read before surgery…

After surgery: day one

After surgery: day two

After surgery: day three

My arm, all bundled up

After surgery: day four

After surgery: day five

After surgery: day six

After surgery: day 13

After surgery: day 22

Hot pad
Cover for hot pad
Theraputty, tan, xx-soft

After surgery: day 23

After surgery: day 24

After surgery: day 25

Graduation: day 99

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome


Back in the saddle



Occasional thoughts on tech, sailing, and San Francisco

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