How to lock down an iPhone or iPad

How to lock down an iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad:

  1. Open Settings app. In Settings, go into General > Restrictions. It’s the 9th item down on the right.

2. Set the Allowed Content sections as follows:

  • Music, Podcasts, News & iTunes U: Clean

(You can adjust this based on the ages of your kids.)

3. For Books, turn off Explicit Sexual Content.

4. For Siri, turn off Explicit Language.

5. For Websites, check Limit Adult Content. Then add to Always Allow:

  • Your school’s domain (if your teachers’ emails end in, then is a domain you should always allow.)

This is so that kids can get to websites critical for their learning. I doubt that these would be blocked under the Limit Adult Content rule, but it’s good to specify these just to make sure so that you’re not blocking kids’ ability to get homework done.

6. Turn off Location Services. Our kids don’t use their iPhones or iPads for driving directions, so no need for online service providers to know our kids’ location.

7. Don’t allow any apps to have access to Contacts, including personal information on kids and their families, by clicking Don’t Allow Changes.

8. Reduce the ability of Advertisers to track our kids, by checking Don’t Allow Changes.

9. Turn off Multiplayer Games. These include things like Clash of Clans, and can be a major time sink and distraction.

10. Click on < General up at the top of the screen. I believe you’ll be prompted to enter a passcode. This is DIFFERENT from the passcode to unlock the iPad. Pick a code that you can remember, and write it down somewhere secure.

Occasional thoughts on tech, sailing, and San Francisco

Occasional thoughts on tech, sailing, and San Francisco